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Spread: The price difference between the ask price and the bid price.

When you trading, there is a price difference between the buying price and selling price of products. For example, the price of Gold (XAUUSD) is :
The selling price is 1869.13
The buying price is 1869.53
Spread: 1869.53-1869.13=0.4, called 4 spread.

Spread is the cost that investors pay for trading investment. For short-term traders , the lower the spread, the more profit they have.

Fee: the commission fee required to trade 1 lot of the product;
Our platform provides customers with 0 commission fees.

Spreads and fees are fixed as the cost required by customers to invest in trading. Our platform provides investors with ultra-low spreads in advance, zero commission fees,
and extremely competitive for our clients.