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Recognize uptrend

Recognize uptrend

For prices, there are only three trends :

1. Price rise

2. Prices fall

3. Price shock, that is, the price has no obvious upward or downward trend.

In each case, we can buy and sell to obtain profit from the price difference.

Price rise

The performance of price rise :
Consists of a continuous raise, each raise continues to cross the previous high point, and the mixed decline in the middle will not fall below the previous low point. In short, an uptrend is composed of a series of price movements, in which both highs and lows continue to rise.

It is easy to understand by looking at the price trend chart:

Seeing that the price is going all the way up, it is clear that we should buy, wait for the price to rise, and then sell. The price difference is our profit.

In any period of uptrend, connecting two adjacent price low points is called an uptrend line.

Observing the features of the uptrend chart, there are many opportunities to buy :
1. When the decline has not broken the previous low

2. When the price breaks through the previous high

When an uptrend occurs, the trend will not change easily, and we can make profits through continuous buying transactions.