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The market forex (FX) is the world's largest decentralised financial market, with trading volumes exceeding $6.6 trillion a day*. That's more than most of the biggest stock markets combined. Trading 24-hours a day, there's always an opportunity to buy or sell. Whether you're new to trading or seasoned trader, the FX market represents a way to take advantage of price movements in one of the most liquid assets. Start Trading with some of the industry's lowest spreads today.

Forex spreads & currency pairs

Our Spreads are some of the best in the market. We feed pricing directly to our platforms from our liquidity providers - no intervention or dealing desk required. We offer 60+ currency pairs so you can take advantage of all the world's major markets. See our full list of currency pairs and spreads.

Forex is the shorthand for Foreign Exchange, at RubyMarkets, one of the products which we offer for trading would be currency pairs, and traders would engage in retail trading of these currencies on our MT4 platform! Traders who choose to trade foreign exchange trading will engage in what we call retail trading. Retail Trading is a transaction-based form of trading where traders buy and sell currencies simultaneously.

Instrument Description Base Currency Size of 1 Lot
AUDCAD Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar AUD 100,000
AUDCHF Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc AUD 100,000
AUDJPY Australian Dollar vs Japanise Yen AUD 100,000
AUDNZD Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar AUD 100,000
AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs US Dollar AUD 100,000
EURAUD Euro vs Australian Dollar EUR 100,000
EURCAD Euro vs Canadian Dollar EUR 100,000
EURCHF Euro vs Swiss Franc EUR 100,000
EURGBP Euro vs Great Britain Pound EUR 100,000
EURJPY Euro vs Japanese Yen EUR 100,000
EURNZD Euro vs New Zealand Dollar EUR 100,000
EURTRY Euro vs Turkish Lira EUR 100,000
EURUSD Euro vs US Dollar EUR 100,000
EURZAR Euro vs South African Rand EUR 100,000
GBPAUD Great Britan Pound vs Australian Dollar GBP 100,000
GBPCAD Great Britan Pound vs Canadian Dollar GBP 100,000
GBPCHF Great Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc GBP 100,000
GBPJPY Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen GBP 100,000
GBPNZD Great Britan Pound vs New Zealand Dollar GBP 100,000
GBPUSD Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar GBP 100,000
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs Japanise Yen NZD 100,000
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar NZD 100,000
USDCAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar USD 100,000
USDCHF US Dollar vs Swiss Franc USD 100,000
USDJPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen USD 100,000
USDMXN US Dollar vs Mexican Pesos USD 100,000
USDTRY US Dollar vs Turkish Lira USD 100,000
USDZAR US Dollar vs South Africa Rand USD 100,000

Why trade forex with Ruby Markets?

Once you start trading forex with Ruby Markets, you'll see why we're market leader. We access multiple liquidity providers and external pricing sources to give you the best prices and competitive, low spreads when you trade with us.

Quality Trading Conditions

Tight spreads

Access great pricing on the most highly traded currency pairs.

Fast execution

Get into your trade when it counts and make the move you've been waiting for, with our average execution speeds of 25ms.

Control your risk

We offer up to 500:1 leverage which you can reduce at any time. place stop loss orders for risk management with no restrictions.

Ready to trade?

It's quick and easy to get started - even with a small deposit. Apply within minutes with our simple application process.
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